Monday, August 15, 2022

OMT - more reliable than a bank for the Lebanese

 OMT - well, trust me Lebanese people trust OMT at this stage more than any other bank or financial institution. For a long time, OMT was one of the rare players in the financial industry which actually gave what it promised, and allowed people to send - though let's be honest, mainly receive - money in what is now called "fresh" Dollars (as opposed to the stuck Dollars in the banks). So for many, this has been a breathing lung.

So their campaign "next to you no matter the circumstances" is honestly not a stretch of reality because they have accompanied the Lebanese in the what is truly the worse, the most maddening, delflating  and trialing periods since the crisis broke in 2019.

The visuals, even if a little cliche, actually make sense - photos of families being close to one another because let's face it, when one bails you with much-needed money, this is how close families become.