Tuesday, August 16, 2022

My work my rights - an ad that was just there.

I saw this ad... and wondered.

"We want

Job opportunities and stopping arbitrary lay offs


Periodic salary increase and transport fees


OK, according to the internet the NGO behind this ad is "my work my rights" - as per their story in 2018 three partners "Legal Agenda", "Lebanese Observatory for Worker and Employee Rights" (LOWER) and Oxfam Lebanon backed by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation started the NGO in question.

Here's my issue. Why am I seeing this ad? Who is it destined for? How does it bring any change or visibility to their (worthwhile) demands? Was this the best way to spend the money? Did anyone notice the ad? Did it bring about any chain reaction or domino effect? Would workers/employees mobilize after seeing this ad? Would employers have an ethical spark?

The ad stood there like a sore thumb, barely readable because it had too many words, with a # that basically I have no idea who will use it. As I said, the demands are correct, just and fair (I quit my own employment because I was putting money rather than earning!). But no idea why this ad was there.