Saturday, August 13, 2022

Master - a little Arabic slang to enliven the gifts

Master potato chips managed to enliven their gifts - the one you can find in the chips bags.

OK the "lottery" in question is itself quite banal. But what is interesting is the end tag line.

"Hdiytak bi kissak" - well, the litteral interpretation is "your gift is in your bag" but metaphorically it means "your gift is all to your own". Kissak is a bit like "what belongs to you".

Here's my 2 cents. I think the original line was "hdiytak min kissak" - "min kissak" in Arabic means from your own pocket (you buy the bag of chips, so basically you bought your own gift duh!) but I sense they found it too much at the company so they changed it to "bi kissak". But then again, this is just my thought!

As I said not bad for enlivening an otherwise run-of-the-mill children's lottery.