Sunday, June 12, 2022

The weather report according to Almaza

Almaza our national beer continues with its strategy of covering more or less daily events when they are worth celebrating (see here, here, and here for examples) and this weekend, Lebanon experienced its first taste of summer. Weather was nice, temperatures began to climb, and whereas the livin' is not easy one can always pretend. Cue the weather forecast courtesy of Almaza: The sun is a 5505 Degrees, the sea at 25, the air at 30, and Almaza? -2 thank you very much.

So yes, refreshing, cold and refrigerated. Of course, prices are soaring all over so people can no longer consume alcohol (even if locally produced!) with the same insouciance they used to. But then again I suppose a beach outing is never complete without Almaza, neither is a picnic or a family Sunday lunch.

So I guess it's sunny with a chance of Almaza.