Monday, June 13, 2022

Jeep - using the grid as a central message.

In French they say "il fallait y penser" - one should have simply thought of it.

It took forever but someone has finally thought about it. Publicis Groupe Middle East just used OIIIIIIIO as a starting point to a brilliant campaign. "Nature is in our nature" as few other brands such as jeep (that's the iconic front grid!) are connected to the concept of the wild, nature, and adventure.

Ok, you did not hear it from me, but the campaign works much better as print rather than film (see it here), interestingly it is also running in parallel with another very strong campaign - also by Publicis - which uses the grid (point and dash) as a Morse code to telegraph words related to concept of being out in nature.
Am posting the other campaign below as well.
So there. Two very strong campaigns running in parallel connecting Jeep to nature via its grid.
Brilliant indeed! Small point though, the two campaigns could have used a bit of time differenciation for full impact to both campaigns. Since both are incredibly strong but ended up stepping on each other's toes.