Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Cafe Najjar does cold brew

Ah right in time for summer - Cafe Najjar has a cold brew.

Apparently it is very easy to prepare thankfully. It is a four step recipe: Soak it - Brew it - Mix it - Drink it.

Seems such an easy thing to prepare indeed.

All this gave me a recollection of Nescafe Frappe but not sure how close the two drinks are. Still, I also hope the price is reasonable considering how everything is uber expensive these days in Lebanon. Also it seems the target audience are hip Gen Z people from what the ads seem to portray. Which is probably logical I suppose considering they are vying for alternatives for people who drink instant coffee. 

Still, for any brand "made in Lebanon" to launch a new product within these very harsh economic conditions, it something very laudable. So congratulations for Najjar on this bold step.