Saturday, May 7, 2022

Elections 2022: Almaza, several birds in one can

OK so Almaza, our national beer is on it. Elections 2022.... All right, they are doing two things: 1) introducing the can with a line "yes we can" (used by Obama in 2008 but originally by Cesar Chavez in 1972!) 2) trying to wink on the elections' ballot buying with "your voice (ballot) is yours, even if they give you an Alamza" (Almaza translates into diamond).

So that's a lot at the same time, but it kind of works. Well, all brands are now trying to ride on the elections train (which is one week from now - actually it already started for the Lebanese diaspora!)... 

PS - interesting, a friend just asked me "is Almaza Lebanese Forces?" mind you the ad is in red with white fond but also asks "nehna fina" - yes, we can.... Interesting, sometimes it takes another mind to find linkages. Thank you Bill :)