Saturday, May 7, 2022

Elections 2022: Georges Khabbaz teams up with LBC

Just so that no one labels me too cynic. I am giving this the benefit of a doubt. Georges Khabbaz, who describes himself as Actor / Comedian / Director / Musician / Writer/ Producer has teamed up with LBC, one of our leading TV stations for a clip about the elections. Here's where opinions might be split:

You can either look at this as a lovely piece of copywriting, with a girl who does minimal moves in front of the camera, all shot in a nice olive grove - obviously in house shooting.

Or you can start from the opening sentence that goes "a bird cannot live without migrating" - sure he catches up with "but trees cannot live without planting roots", though seriously when you start like that, not sure the argument holds. Also, again, if you look at it from the point of you of someone who has been there and done that as a citizen, whatever Khabbaz is driving at makes little to no sense. Well, in the end he goes that "spring is coming back to Lebanon" - something that Exotica already did incredibly well only too recently,

Of course, the other interesting bit is how LBC is now supposed to be a TV for #change_2022 and all for the "revolution" (which is what whatever happened in October 2019 labelled itself, though it splintered into different directions and could not agree on anything for the elections).

Watch the ad here,