Sunday, May 8, 2022

Elections 2022: Farid Boustany - Chouf by way of Kesserwan

All right, now that's interesting. How? A Chouf candidate having an ad in Kesserwan. Logically it does not make sense. But practically, it does. A lot of sense.

Let me explain: During the war many, many, people from the Chouf area got displaced, a lot of them eventually ended up in Kesserwan (to be clear the displaced people were Christian), and despite the whole surge of rebuilding their houses in the villages they left, basically they remained in the areas they migrated to - using the Chouf houses are some sort of weekend/summer escape. 

Which bring us to Farid Boustany. The ads - a whole bunch of them are interesting conceptually. "I am and extremist for the development of the Chouf" or "I am an extremist for inter-faith living in the jabal" (jabal is euphemis for Chouf area). Again, whereas these are classic elections ads - promising anything and everything - at least Boustany played it smart.