Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Elections 2022: Sawa Li Lubnan knows what it stands for - or against.

Remember Sawa Li Lubnan? Here here they are again - except now they know what they stand for, or rather against. Well, as we step closer to the election, Sawa decided to pick the issues du jour, such as "they stole whatever you earned" or "they forced your children to immigrate" - with frankly very plain visuals - but the most interesting part is the hashtag: #vote_against_them so at this point Saw Li Lubnan is going all out against the rest. Interestingly, Sawa is bankrolled by Bahaa Hariri son of slaim prime minister Rafic Hariri who was part of the gang that orchestrated the current crash. But again, the Lebanese are too fickle to notice.