Monday, March 21, 2022

Aishti - Mother's Day on the down low

Aishti does the Mother's Day treatment, but does it a little on the down low. Keeping with the idea of the strikethrough headline (see here) Aisthti (Lebanon's most upscale retailer) went with the idea of boxes (a little like Hermes truth be told) with a heart-shaped box (no seriously! Just look at the visual).

Mind you Aishti suffered the destruction of its flagship stores in downtown Beirut following the August 2020 blast, along with its mono-brand boutiques. It had its Zaha Hadid new stores (still not open) suffering a fire blaze, and lately its Jal el Dib anchor branch also suffered a small  fire blaze on the roof. To cut costs the retailer had to fold its publishing arm (A magazine and l'Officiel). So a small ad for Mother's Day is just a sign of the times.