Saturday, March 26, 2022

To Dagny Carlsson, with respect.

Artwork by Tarek Chemaly

Dagny Carlsson has passed away.

Who? The world's oldest blogger. She was 109 years old. Started blogging at the age of 100. Her blog centered around her own life in Sweden - having been to the country myself twice, I can tell that sometimes life there can be, well, bewildering (small case in point, I was once asked "what do you think of the city center?" - "what city center?" two weeks later as the snows melted the large empty space was, indeed, a city center!).

Still, in her last post, Mrs. Carlsson said “Like a cat, I have at least nine lives, but I do not know what I should use so much of life for.” Well, perhaps my own wish is that at some point I keep blogging until there would be no one interested to read. However, the further I blog, readers keep clinging to my posts it seems.

Go figure!

And RIP Mrs. Carlsoon.