Sunday, March 27, 2022

Al Ghina riffs on banks this upcoming Ramadan

Ramadan is coming, and this year many NGOs and charitable associations are battling for the money people no longer have, which their work is exacerbated by the meteoric rise of the needy (with poverty at around 55% of the Lebanese population). This being an election year my fear is that politicians and political parties will use this month to extend their services (primarily foods and needed items) as benefactors to needy people in exchange for their vote on the ballots.

Which brings us to Al Ghina - which basically riffs on banks with their line "In the bank of the afterlife, they won't get confiscating" in a direct jab on how banks basically held the Lebanese people's money hostage and is trickling it back at a loss to depositors. Along with the ad two hashtags one goes #bank_of_the_afterlife and the other #white_market (as opposed to black market where Dollars are being traded).