Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Adidas goes above and beyond with Asma Elbadawi

Well, Adidas does not do things on a small scale in Dubai, does it?

As as matter of fact, the higher the better. And how higher can it be that the top of a skyrise. 

With none other than Basketball player and poet Asma Elbadawi, I mean we had a stewardess on top of Burj Khalifa prior, but did the stewardess actually dunk a basketball? All this on a glow-in-the-dark basketball court on the rooftop of a 52-storey tower at the heart of a palm-shaped man-made island that can be seen from space. With Dubai in the background. 

The copy of the voice over is full of energy, determination and ambition and Elbadawi delivers it with strength and iron-will in her tone of voice. The message still celebrates the I'm possible (as opposed to impossible) and ends with the now classic "Impossible is nothing" that Adidas is known for.

Watch the beauty here.