Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Botrus Hajj doesn't need awareness for autism....

All designs (C) Botrus Hajj
Botrus Jajj just issued a pre-Autism Day campaign (no wonder he issued it a bit earlier than April 2nd, World Ausitism Day as he would be competing with major well-funded campaigns). Interestestingly, if you read the text, you'd understand what he went through all the bother! Brilliant!

"Another year, another autism "puzzle logo" - empty, hollow, but sponsored by your favorite brand.

Your opinions are your own, please do keep them for yourself however. And do not share them unsolicited, because believe it or not, raising a child on the autism spectrum is hard as it is. And no, a parent with an autistic child does not need your condescending looks. The looks we get when our child has a meltdown.

We might however need your empathy. At times we need to share our battle.

But please, do keep inviting our child your birthday parties, it will help him build a social life.

Our child may be non-verbal, but in his or her own language, they can say and express a lot.

And as long as I have the power and the faith to support my child’s need, I truly do not need your pity.

I salute all parents with autistic children. Keep going, you are doing great.

My autistic son Charbel says hello to all of you.