Sunday, January 9, 2022

Mat3am el Za3im: Vernacular Arabic in all its strength

Mat3am el Za3im a restaurant in the bequa'a has come up with the season's best use of vernacular Arabic. I love it when outsiders beat agencies at their own game. And this is an incredible use of copywriter - even if some spirits might find it a little too harsh.

OK let us start... "Akhou charmouta" - brother of a prostitute - is a commonly used word, men say it mostly not meaning it, but implying the person in question is either colorful, devious, smart, or vicious (mind you at times it could be all these at once). So for mata3m el za3im, the offer is "akhou chawarma"... Yeah you can buy three chawarma sandwiches at 100,000 Liras (I know, inflation is too high!) while getting a copywriting wink from the store. Oh and they deliver!