Wednesday, January 5, 2022

SyncIthra - on social media, bullying and Mozart

SyncIthra (via Leo Burnett MEA) gets the wonderful idea, but through the wrong specimen.

OK, so the idea first: A certain Amadeus Mozart (to begin with this is the wrong appellation, his name was Wolfgang to anyone who knew him!) is training on the piano but has his cell phone next to him. And despite wonderful playing - he is being criticized online while he livestreams (on Insta presumably). At some point he loses faith, throws his notes and runs to his mother's bosom.

Well, all this is fine and dandy, but honestly does not apply to Mozart at all. Anyone who read anything about Mozart knows that at that age he was already in king's courts, needed no practicing, and that he was also too indulgent, frivolous and self-assured for any of this banter. Now, if this had applied to the German writer Goethe however, the scenario would have been very plausible as he was the one who kickstarted the whole "mal du siecle" syndrome. Anyone bullying a young Goethe online would have destroyed him. A young Mozart did not give a toss!

As I said, good ad, wrong specimen. See the ad here.