Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Lebanese Forces annual mass - the ads that constantly work for their audience.

A disclosure: I have previously done an ad for the annual mass of the Lebanese Forces via an agency I was working for. The ad became a classic. If I am saying so it is because the Lebanese Forces have the habit of acing their annual mass ads.

Here is 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 for samples. Oh, you don't like the ads? That is because you are not the target audience. The ads are done with a very specific target in mind: The Lebanese Forces own supporters, and with that - they actually work brilliantly at hitting the correct tone of voice, the right words, the tailor-made message which is flawless and which actually works.

This year's iteration is no exception. Their tagline riffs on poking the Hizbollah because the Lebanese Forces were the first to claim the word "resistance" and the "continuous resitance" seems to go back to this brilliant ad they did at the time for their mouthpiece Al Massira (see here for details).

Anyhow, as I said if the ad resonates with you or not is beyond the point - it is done specifically for a certain kind of people, and for such people, the ad words wonderfully.