Monday, August 29, 2016

Lebanese Forces ace their annual martyrs' mass advertising

Look, one of the things about politics in Lebanon is that you only advertise to those already in your ranks - which of course, raises the question if this is advertising or not to begin with! But here we are, the Lebanese Forces annual martyrs' mass has it usual ad, and by God it is glorious. OK, first let me say I do not approve of using kids in right wing ads, but hey, back from the mountainous rebels in their kaffiya, to the hunky prototype combatant yet with nobility in his demeanor, to the kid following on this long legacy of people who rise up "every time danger knocked" - in reference to the Elias Rahbani hit "danger knocked on doors" (da22 el khatar 3al ebwab) [which (fun fact) was originally written for the Lebanese Army but ended up an anthem to the Lebanese Forces] there is a long heritage in martyrdom for a cause.
You can be wherever you want politically, but this ad is too good - no matter what you say about it ethically.