Wednesday, December 9, 2020

A Medco Beirut tribute that actually works.

Ah the Beirut tributes! After the explosion so many brands rode the bandwagon of sending tributes to the city - most bland, several of them not sincere, others bordering the horrific (here's looking at you Pepsi!). Which is why, at times, the low-key ones are actually the one that work best. Take this spectacular Medco example - blink and you'll miss it. Medco still sticks to its Arabo-Latin transcription. Which makes the two flags read "forwad! for the sake of Beirut" - the 2021 has a peace dove in it instead of a zero. I personally really love it - maybe the idea they did not plant it in front of everyone's nose is what it makes work, as it comes off sincere rather than show-off.