Tuesday, July 2, 2024

Parallel by Parazar - this is how to do it

Considering am seeing too much idiocy as of late (if Crepaway was not the bottom, then Bar Tartine could be) please meet - belatedly - Parallel by Parazar (see their introductory reel here, influenced by some Bauhaus principles). First the name - Parazar (by Azar) is one of the leading regional and by extenso international wedding and event photographers. And at this point they have too much experience and material not to delve into advertising and film production ergo the "Parallel" (compare to Parazar and label this under names-I-wish-I-came-up-with). The logo? Pure minimalist perfection. Again people, one does not need to be a Cannes award-winning ad (and you know I came to disdain those - here).

But here's a plot twist! We have a name, positioning, introductory reel all geared to serve the original brand and its derivative. We have some calm and collected communication, which goes beyond "hype" (a diplomatic name for idiocy) and which centers around a clear and focused concept. To be honest, I am not even sure I want more from a communication campaign.