Saturday, June 29, 2024

Bar Tartine - the new usual

I said it before and will say it again - either ads are getting very smart or am getting dumb (or both). Take Bar Tartine - they have a new ad (here).  Now, try as I might I couldn't make "creative" sense of it. Apparently it is for the new menu. But things get south with the ad itself - meet Steph, the snoozer. She needs three different alarms to wake up, when she does, she arranges her hair, and applies lipstick, applies lipstick, applies lipstick, applies lipstick (am not inventing this, applying lipstick take like 4 shots) the last time being in front of a fruit dish. That's her "new usual". "Break the routine, try something new" is the caption near the ad. As I said, I am trying to get my head around it - not that the model is not beautiful (she is), but, would that entice me to go try the new menu?