Thursday, June 6, 2024

And now for the Crepaway 40th anniversary TVC

After being underwhelmed by the 40th anniversary unipoles for Crepaway, now comes the TVC (here). The visuals are OK - I mean most of the ad is taken from above (a bit too long as one immediately understands where this is going) so that the faces are only revealed in the last shots, but it's the copy that's completely horrible (sorry there's no way to sugar-coat this). My take? They missed using the goldmine images of the past which they allude to in the ad. Beautiful images from back way when, which, with today's technologies would be easily manipulated and brought back to life. Look, the ad is technically sound color-wise and all (I do like the mood of it to be honest - meaning that softish pseudo-sepia ambiance), but I still think there is something that went wrong with the brief or the agency interpretation.