Thursday, June 6, 2024

On the Almaza front, good and bad news (Update)

Well, finally some good news on the Almaza front - they are back to the red background and the white texts. The small bad news is that I have no idea what they are referring to - the line says "first love". OK, I get it, it is the introduction to the beer thing to anyone in Lebanon, but - what's with the doors of summer opening wide, not sure this was "it". Still, after the many misses in the past (here), it is refreshing (har har, a pun!) to see Almaza at least do what it does best visually - plain red background with white typography. Now, with some organization from the agency/client side they might be back to their glory days. Here's hoping at least.

Update: Well, seems I was too harsh on Almaza, apparently there IS a concept there. For the regular beer there is "awal hob" (first love) for the light "hob 3al khafif" (a lighter love) and for the unfiltered "hob jdid" (a new love). Not an earth-shattering concept but heck, a solid one at least. So voila, good to know some thought was included. (thank you Geoana for notifying me about it).