Saturday, June 15, 2024

Maxim's - instant coffee

Well if Najjar can do it (here), why not Maxim's. Maxim's is indeed plunging head first in the instant coffee segment - in the hope of capturing some of the market of Nescafe (and its various subrands and tastes) now that the Nestle brand is no longer in forceful traction in the Lebanese market. Again, Najjar adapted to the times after years of trying to convince new generations of the merit of ground coffee, so Maxim's simply followed suit and introduced its own as well. Maxim's is known for a hoard of other food products mind you (check here) so delving into the instant coffee is not too far off of a jump.

Small side note: For a brand that has, for so long, signed with "3ndo yeke bil dene" (thinks the world of you) the introduction of "awaken your senses" is interesting. Perhaps they are targeting a totally different segment of those they are usually focusing on?