Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Cafe Najjar - adapts to the times.

Cafe Najjar tried. Really, really tried.

But it came to naught.

Tried what? To convert a new generation to the merit of ground coffee instead of the easy-to-prepare and at-your-beck-and-call instant coffee (Oh, come on, Nescafe!). Take this old ad for example - it was obvious it was replacing the "red mug" with a "blue one" (here). Still, after trying to reach millennials and trying to speak their language, eventually Najjar capitulated.

Introducing not just one, but three different flavors of Najjar instant coffee: red (har har, like.... Nescafe!), decaf, and Gold (all right fine, several brands apart from Nescafe have gold, so I am giving this a pass). Do note, as with everything, these days there are a lot of "local" equivalents - mind you I already spoke about local production and how sometimes it does not match neither quality, nor expectation, nor price (here).

So here's hoping Cafe Najjar is reasonably priced as compared to the competition - and competition there is, even if, at this point, consumer loyalty is out the window for the Lebanese (I spoke about this prior, among others here).