Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Tawfeer - all over town and then some

A discount supermarket? Well, say no more - suddenly Tawfeer is all over the place. And by that I mean the gigantic campaign it has launched. Really, every other billboard is now exhibiting the Tawfeer campaign, which basically has three visuals all of them claiming the same thing (interestingly, the three visuals are of different colors, so it's not like you were mistaking them or anything), the line they picked is "there's nothing better than our prices but our quality" all this signed with "your intelligent choice". Do note that the background of the billboards is actual products they sell (above you can see pasta and chocolate). I suppose with Christmas right behind the corner, Tawfeer decided to be the place where people would shop with a value proposition considering everyone is trying to save their penny to say the least.