Thursday, July 28, 2016

Cafe Najjar - Blue Mug, Nescafe - red mug

The new Najjar cafĂ© TV ad is out. The tone is dreamy, a cross between On The Road of Jack Kerouac and Little Miss Sunshine (the yellow VW van works every time). It is even called "surfer" and is obviously a way to connect with a younger Nescafe consuming generation. The guitar, campfire, beach volleyball, and even as the name of the movie says "surfer", the waves and surf are these.
So far good.
Except in the end, the guy, "before" doing all of this, "first, Najjar".... In a blue mug?
Last time I saw anyone with a mug of Turkish coffee was a master's student at the American University of Beirut freaking out not to complete his thesis on time. Otherwise, that's one big dose of caffeine. For emergency, take the red mug with you - it contains much less caffeine under the circumstances!