Sunday, June 16, 2024

IPT - on the joys of father's day!

First it was Mother's Day (here) and then World Health Day (here), and now - IPT is going Father's Day (here). Now, I am not sure where Illogique (their agency) ends up picking up its talents but for some reason, they are always believable and flawless. No over-acting, no let-me-be-over-cute because am going to be in an ad. Just straight no nonsense casting. Now - do fathers pick a tantrum when they teach their sons how to drive? Do they share a French fry as their daughter is being a princess in the backseat? Do they end up making things easier emotionally for their kid when the car is smashed on the side? Do they wait on the balcony as you go to work/university/errand? Do they help their daughters change a wheel? Go into an impromptu singalong while stuck in a traffic jam? The answer is yes all over the spectrum. I think the bit that really got me was the one where the son, already taller than his father, ends up kissing him on the forehead. Very touching and completely believable. IPT scores another win.