Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Pepsi pulls all the stops, still attracts controversy

Pepsi just went mega (here). Using Amro Diab, Mohamad Salah, Ahmad Saka, Karim Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, Nawal Zoghbi, Kosai Khodr, Roberto Carlos and Sami Jaber. Interestingly, the stars in questions hail from different sectors - actors (Saka, Abdel Aziz), footballers (Salah, Carlos, Jaber), and singers (Diab, Zoghbi, Khodr - who is a rapper). By the way, AI was used to digitally de-age the stars in question depending on the era they were supposed to be representing in the evolution of Pepsi identity (which is the ad is about).

Heavy guns all the way. Interestingly, this did not stop the stars in question from ending up in a controversy considering Pepsi is one of the brands being boycotted for supporting Israel in the current war going on in Palestine. Apparently the ad was shot prior to the beginning of the war (meaning before October 2023) but still some fans are up in arms against the stars in question for their "collaboration" (with the brand in question). 

This could explain why Pepsi closed the comments on the ad and none of the stars reshared it on their own channels or social media accounts.