Saturday, May 25, 2024

Zod Security is hated by criminals

Interesting, I kept seeing this campaign wherever I went online. As to why I am being targeted is a bit of a mastery, still, I tried to compile several visuals of the campaign. Zod is a security systems company, and in case you did not get the message, they repeat it ad infinitum on their website (here). Actually the campaign has one more visual - that of a prisoner carving "I hate Zod" on a hard surface (presumably in prison). Interestingly, the campaign seems a bit cooked in-house and if not so, at least does not have the fingerprints of some major company and whereas up to my knowledge, Zod is a local company, they did manage to assemble all the cliches of prison/police etc... (I mean even the car portrayed seem to be ne in the US). Look the campaign has a concept behind it, and as I said it goes to the site to reiterate it again. And despite the small "cartoonish" element (read that stereotypes) there is something endearing about it... unless you are a criminal of course. In this case... you "hate Zod".