Friday, May 31, 2024

At Crepaway - image is everything

So Crepaway has a new campaign? I am not even sure. All I know is that they have a new set of images. Well, as far as I know the images are just there. Unlike Roadster (here) which made a killing with its self-depreciating campaign, Crepaway seems to just... display items. Convincingly? Not so sure. Anyhow, on Facebook, one of the images says "We all want that person who looks at us the way this guy looks at this burger" (here). The problem is that his eyes are closed. Or "You won't use cutlery with this platter, just saying" (here) when the plate seems to be roast beef... So I think somewhere, somehow, there is an irony that bypassed me. Am trying to keep a - very - open mind about all this. But I am not ever sure what I am seeing, or worse, why I am seeing it. As photos, they are appealing, but... Where is this going is a little beyond me at this point.