Saturday, June 1, 2024

Crepaway - 40 years down the drain

Photo credit Bassam Karam

Remember yesterday I shared some images from Crepaway (here). I am still not sure of their context but compared to what is Crepaway 40th anniversary those images were masterpieces. I don't mind if the 40th anniversary was done with or without a budget, but for it to look so cheap is an oddity. That it has no concept is also beyond the pale. I am really, really intrigued what the brief was. What was the brand trying to convey and how the advertising agency (Feer McQueen in this case) managed to translate this into the current (rather non) creative entity we are seeing. Once more, I am not sure about the budget injected but for the ad to end up spineless is a throwaway of whatever budget was included. Pity.