Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Lux blooms in Raouche

Well, what do you know? In Arabic fairy tales start with "kan ya ma kan" (there was there was not).... And Lux does this in real life with brilliance. Did it happen? Did it not? Who cares when the results are this interesting. First check them here. So here's the backstory - Lux just dropped on the Raouche rock and the whole sea is now in bloom as the parachute carrying Lux made its safe landing. Makes sense? No? Salvador Dali is on the line then. Seriously, I had to actually check with the agency if this was real or not - for your info it was 3D animation. But then again, who cares? I thought it was lovely. Sometimes, and especially these days, we need a bit of dreaming here in Lebanon! Lux is here to deliver.