Thursday, February 29, 2024

L'Orient le Siecle - l'Orient le Jour is centennial

If anyone knows me, then my obsession is memory and archive comes to the front. And so today I wake up with this beautiful gem (from Mink no less!) who has worked with L'Orient le Jour (which is now l'Orient le Siecle - a beautiful project name if there was one). OK, first and foremost I am mad as hell for not being part of the project considering how easily I can tell tales related to the past from material already present (and sometimes not present!). But this put aside, this is a Gargantuan effort to tell the story of 100 years by l'Orient le Jour (see the film here). The composite image above is my work based on the film in question. You know what this film reminds me of? That beautiful ad for Dewar's 12 Ancestor (the witness of time - sadly I could not find the original but here's an updated version here).