Friday, November 10, 2023

Pizza Hut, back to the market in full force

Hey, is Pizza Hut back in force in the Lebanese market? They do have a digital campaign running (pity could not photograph it, it just says "follow the slice" - OK fine, not that great of a campaign). But this prompted me to look for them on social media - they seem to have a page on FB which has not been updated for years, but an instagram presence works and seems active (here). Do note that on that page they clearly say "we are back" - but this dates back to (as of today) 95 weeks ago. That's almost two years.

Again note it might be my mistake considering I rarely if ever go out, and less so for pizza joints. But Pizza Hut did leave the market when the crisis started escalating in pulled the plug in 2021 (here). But truth be told, if their "we're back" dates to 2 years ago, then frankly their hiatus was just a few weeks or just a trimester at most (May 2021 they're gone - January 2022 they say they are back).

Interesting, many brands pulled the plug on the Lebanese market but also came back in different shapes or through different dealers or perhaps franchisees etc... So again, here they are with a new so-so campaign on the streets but they seem to mean business.