Monday, May 24, 2021

Pizza Hut and a worthy farewell to the Lebanese market


And now it is the turn of Pizza Hut to leave the Lebanese market. At least they left with a bang and with a lot of panache. In an empty pizza box (and one which is soiled with oil coming from a Pizza) a message reads: Until we make more memories.
Then the image continues: 
"In this place there are many memories, we had a lot of good days and many generations would gather here, from the family Sunday lunch of a pizza for the kids after school, to the gathering of friends fighting over the cheese-stuffed crust, to the "hello 1212?", and many many more.
You are used to us procuring the best service and the finest experience, and so in order not to let you down we decided to flip a wonderful page and say goodbye.
We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the love you have shown us for years, and the unforgettable moments.
Keep those lovely memories in mind.
One day we will  make even more lovelier ones".
Well, if anyone  needs to leave the Lebanese market (hello H&M & co) this is how to be done.