Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Joe Andoun and a Kafaesque call for justice

And there are those who still believe justice will be done. Which in Lebanon is like waiting for Godot, or to quote late singer Leonard Cohen "the Maestro says it's Mozart/But it sounds like bubble gum/When you're waiting/For the miracle, for the miracle to come". I wrote about how I almost lost my life, not once, but twice, on the day of the mega August 4 explosion in Beirut - but there are those did lose their lives. And their families and loved ones are still in flux with no closure. Which brings us to the ad plastered on a billboard on Dora about Joe Andoun, one of the victims of that blast.
"9 months since the death of my brother, and the father and the son, Joe Andoun" and on the other side "more than 200 victims at the Beirut port explosion, we shall not remain silent on keeping the murderers free, we invite the legal system to punish the murderers" - a small research would lead you to conclude that the person who placed this is none other than Elie, late Joe's brother. Truly, one can only sympathize with these families who out of nowhere and in split of a second saw their world turn upside down, those who lost dear ones, or their properties - as I said prior, the explosion was the great social equalizer. All socio-economic classes were hit - whether we want to admit or not.
Again, that ad above, wishing for a swift justice, seems both - too sincere and too Kafkaesque, in a country where everything gets swept under the carpet. But to quote that witty Swedish doctor who said to me "at least you have nice carpets there!".