Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Ohana Villas x Elie Saab Maison - luxury when the present is uncertain

So here we are. How did Instagram know I was in the market for an upscale villa is beyond me. So yes, as a sponsored ad, I got Ohana Villas x Elie Saab Maison (do note, Maison Elie Saab is not Elie Saab Maison in case you are confused). So yes if you have Armani Casa and Fendi Home and if Versace can do the interior decoration of that tower in Beirut, then why not Elie Saab. 

Of course, I am not the exact target audience of the villas - which seem futuristic and sleek and very much in the Zaha Hadid curvature-trend - and which seem to be located in Damour with an "obstructed sea vie and a private pool (hint, I can't swim either so if the price is not a deterrent, the pool is in my case!). But hey, if you follow the several posts on their instagram account (here) you will get a visual hint as to what is coming.

Interestingly, the rendered images of the interior, curtesy of the effort of monsieur Saab are exactly what you'd imagine an Elie Saab interior to be - once more, I am not the target audience I guess. Still, the ad is interesting at a time when the whole country is boiling.... With no direct answer if we are or are not sliding into war.