Saturday, November 4, 2023

Almaza - Bottle inside a can

Yes I know the photo is horrible, but sometimes I take photos from odd angles and research the brands back online once at home for better views. Well, seems this one was not posted on the Almaza site or on any of its social media. Which left me stuck with a bad image for what actually is an interesting ad. Well, sometimes advertisers do not have to go till the end of the earth to come up with something catchy and if you read my blog Almaza has been have a patchy run (sometimes it works, at others it does not - here). And maybe just because they went back to basic - red background, white typography with a good copy - that I sympathized with the ad.

Actually the ad is simply "a can with a bottle inside". Simply, they have managed to fill the cans with the same centiliters in a bottle. And they just expressed simply and rather wittily. What is there not to like?