Thursday, October 5, 2023

Mohamad Kaaki goes bez-ness as usual for breast cancer awareness

Well, I admit I have not seen it before. I mean there were always (to quote Paul Simon) "hints and allegations" the closest of which was AUBMC (here), but Mohamad Kaaki (here) goes all out - as in all out calling a spade a spade, and a nipple a nipple (here). You might remember Mohamad from this post here. Now Mr. Kaaki goes on to do some interesting copy, such as "for your son to grow up next to you, take care of your nipple" (it rhymes in Arabic mind you), "take care of your nipple", "your nipple is a source of inspiration, taking care of it is an obligation", "the nipple is for the gentry, and more important than bread" (this is a riff on the proverb "rice is for the gentry and crushed wheat hung itself" - but Kaaki's take is not top notch truth be told), "take care of your nipple, for you to remain alive" (again, in Arabic it sort of works). 

Well, the shock value is of course - saying the word nipple rather than working around it. For this alone Kaaki's take is interesting. And if this is not enough, Kaaki has a hashtag to accompany all this which instead of saying "campaign" switches it to another word for nipple (in this case "hamla" to "halma"). So the tag becomes #nipple_breast_cancer - a lot to unpack but heck, Kaaki went all the way with this.

And if he got our attention, what more do we want from an ad?