Saturday, October 15, 2016

AUBMC vs breast cancer awareness poster - Compare and contrast

So it seems even the best of them are not exempted from bad research or short memory, when the cancer awareness poster emphasizing the letter N in arabic with "2aN al awaN" (now is the time) by using the N in Arabic ن in the shape of breasts, The original poster appeared in 2008. I thought the poster was genius, now AUBMC comes up with an ad that says "bet7ebiyouN f7as 7alek kermelek w kermeloN" - you love them? have a check up for you and for them. The problem? They used the N in Arabic in the shape of breasts.
In defense of AUBMC the original poster dates back to 2008 so whomever did the AUB thing was perhaps in diapers back then.
Sounds very familiar - compare and contrast.