Sunday, October 15, 2023

Gisele Khoury (RIP) and the act of self-induced misogyny


First and foremost I was truly saddened by the death today of Gisele Khoury. Like every other Lebanese, I knew her as a fearless, smart, investigative journalist asking the right questions for Lebanese politicians when she was still on the Lebanese airwaves. That she was easy on the eye was definitely a bonus.

Apparently she was suffering from an "incurable disease" to which she succumbed at the age of 62. You can read about her many achievements here. My problem is that, for all her tremendous career, she is being referred to as "the widow of Samir Kassir". I can understand that she established a foundation in his name, but sadly she got so entangled with his memory and reputation, that at some point she just became an accessory to him despite having had an incredible run on her own. It does make me sad that at this point she contributed to the idea she was "just" "the widow of" as if this is her main title and mission in life, when, as I said she was much more than that.

It is a pity someone who was as dynamic, present, and engaged as Gisele Khoury would be - in most of her obituaries - referred to by her late husband (no matter his intellectual prouesse). The sad bit is that she majorly contributed to this designation.

May she rest in peace.