Wednesday, October 18, 2023

The world has gone insane and all I can do is dig in my family's history

The world has gone insane. These last few days have been mad - and that's no understatement. Still, in preparation for the cleaning coming up on Saturday, I have been trying to see the odds and ends on top of the closets or put here and there by a successive number of househelps each with her own way of cleaning and stacking things. So on the good news front, I found some long lost photographs I have been trying to find for a long time - I personally put them in one of the closets, but - Zeina, Amani, Sarah or whomever else from the househelps - decided that they should go elsewhere. Also, the school bag which - I suspect has been bringing mites - was full of wonders. Old electricity bills (check), old water bills (check), but also - I found in them very important legal papers, in addition to my parents' marriage registration, my late father's baccalaureate, a registry of the gifts they (my parents) got for their union, in addition to many items and documents worth keeping in better places.

The more everything goes unhinged, the more I find myself retracting into more secure places, places that are at this point immutable and unchangeable. Because when everything else is going bananas, it is nice to know how much the chandeliers my parents bought when they got wed actually cost. Even if, for the moment, they have been dismantled and have been kept for safekeeping in the upper floor of my house.