Friday, October 13, 2023

McDonald's Lebanon is being dragged into what is happening in Palestine

"No two countries that both have a McDonald's have ever fought a war against each other" or so said Thomas Friedman in his book The Lexus and The Olive Tree (1996). OK, fine, the principle proved wrong, first India and Pakistan in 1999 over Kashmir, followed by Israel and Lebanon in 2006, Russia and Georgia in 2008 - although not in a declared war - Russia and Ukraine in 2022. Did you know that between 1968 to 1990 Coca-Cola was boycotted in the Arab world by order of the League of Arab Nations since it provided "financial help for Israel" in the 1967 six day war? And now McDoland's in Israel has been distributing free food with "we came!" written in Hebrew under their logo.
This prompted the Lebanese owners of McDonald's to come clean and issue a statement - the gist of which is - we are a Lebanese company and we have nothing to do with what other franchisees are doing in other countries (read the full communique here). Honestly, can't I just enjoy my Happy Meal in peace? Bfff.... What a strange, convoluted world we live in.