Friday, September 8, 2023

Lebanese Forces annual mass misses the mark this year

I have previously disclosed that at the agency where I was we had the Lebanese Forces account where we had to create an annual mass ad yearly (thankfully, I had a major hit back then). And also I was always very partial as to how they know their audience and what works for them (see 2022, and 2021 which also contains a mix of previous editions). This year, something is off. "For liberty to remain ours" - on paper the idea is good, but think about it: it has nothing to do with the annual mass or with the martyrs or promises anything substantial (compare it to the classic "ta tdall jrasna tde2" - so as for our bells to remain ringing - a rallying cry for the Christians during the war). I think there is just a very "vague" element there. Maybe if they promised something concrete, or if they went back to the ads that worked, they'll know it is about honoring the dead one way or the other.