Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Betway Sports and Andy Roddick on the serve

So Betway Sports and Andy Roddick (their international tennis ambassador) team up for a funny ad. Roddick who has quit the courts eleven years back still has the tennis obsession... And it translates into his day to day life - he treats the fly squatter like a racket, the grilling for is used for a serve, a trophy cup holds popcorn (side note, this has been done prior in the heartwarming ad by Barilla with Steffi Graf - here), he signs an autograph on his neighbor's newspaper, and - this bit does not translate into Arabic - a car argument goes "you're way out of line" to which Roddick replies "no, it was on the line" (again translating this gimmick into Arabic is impossible). Bonus points for their line "advantage served" by the way.

On the whole, the ad serves (sorry for the pun!) and English or Arabic (apart from the above) it conveys a sense of cheerfulness. See the ad here.