Tuesday, September 5, 2023

IAA Lebanon chapter is launching its hall of fame

The IAA Lebanon Chapter is launching its hall of fame. "This annual event, which starts this year, is a long term project,” says Naji Boulos, President of IAA, Lebanon Chapter. “It will allow us to reflect on the industry's past achievements but also invites us to gaze optimistically towards its future.”
As per the IAA Lebanon Chapter, the criteria for election are: Induction into the IAA Lebanon Hall of Fame is reserved for Lebanese men and women, either living or deceased, from the ranks of advertisers, agencies, media and communication organizations, and academic institutions. They should have distinguished themselves in the advertising industry, have had careers spanning at least 35 years, have contributed to the development of advertising and its reputation in Lebanon or the Middle East, have made significant volunteer efforts outside the workplace particularly within the IAA (International Advertising Association) or the AA (Advertising Association). To be eligible, individuals must be retired from their advertising careers.
From what I understood there are already 40 nominees of which 15 this year will make the cut. Boulos tells me that next year, there will be a smaller crop but this year seems studded. The council of judges will meet on the September 14th to issue list of this year's final inductees. And a gala dinner at Casino du Liban will take place on November 25th, 2023. Watch this space as they say.