Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Home Centre, goes for another touching parental riddle.

Is this a trilogy? About "unconventional parental roles"?

Well, part one is here, part two here and now... "The creature" from Home Centre.

The idea is simple. A child keep seeing this "creature" everywhere. Is is a make believe? A part of his imagination? A scary thing one he sees a la sixth sense? I love the scene with the red retro Peugeot station wagon by the way... Bit by bit, he and the creature in question start getting acquainted and... the ice is broken little by little. We still have no clue what that creature is. It covers him at night, soothes him when ill, and so on... I am trying not to reveal the denouement of the ad mind you. 

Tahaab Rais is on the director's seat again bringing his usual sensitive touch, he co-authored the breathtaking music that accompanies the ad, the cast is believable and makes sense. Just to be clear - I loved the ad. But somehow, like in any other artist's repertoire, there are hits that are closer to your heart than others. In this case I felt this is a little "coloring by numbers" as it ticks all the correct boxes, but somehow just.... fails to match the greatest hits. 

Again, nothing wrong with the ad. It is I repeat it is sensational, just for some reason other products from the same team resonated more within me.

Please watch the full film here.