Thursday, June 22, 2023

Almaza does "fete de la musique"

Well, June 21rst is usually known as "fete de la musique" et despite everything Beirut is celebrating it.

Almaza jumped into the pool with it own ad - which pity, could have been a full campaign (how hard was it to do a drum kit with the front being an Almaza cap, or a guitar morphed into a bottle, or maracas made from an Almaza tin can, but I digress.

I do like the visual quite a bit, which is why I implied the idea of campaign.

The line? "Faites de la musique" (do musique instead of "fete" meaning party or commemoration) has been used and re-used and re-re-used. So it was a missed opportunity there to be honest.

What Almaza is losing in creativity at times it is just making up with persistence.